Assistant Product Manager-Value Added Service

Hong Kong, CN
China Mobile Hong Kong Co. Ltd.

In this position, you will :

  • Responsible for launch of 5G personal application products, as well as leading the team to complete the product's daily operation, maintenance, experience enhancement, and so on.
  • Responsible for developing precise technical implementation plans, system interface design plans, and system architecture design specifications.
  • Responsible for technical component software selection, leading the production of system design papers, guiding implementation, core function development, and promoting technology implementation.
  • Responsible for project implementation, project planning, project tracking, and timely discovery and resolution of project risks.

To be successful in this position, you should meet the following requirements :

  • Holder of Bachelor Degree or above in Computer Science, Internet, New Media, E-Commerce or other related disciplines.
  • 3+ years of experience in internet related fields.
  • Have project management experience, be effective in project management-related skills, and have excellent communication and coordination abilities.
  • Active thinking, great comprehension, a strong feeling of duty, and a positive attitude toward teamwork.
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